I Love Quixtar

I Love Quixtar. I really love Quixtar. Quixtar Rules. Quixtar is awesome. Quixtar makes me feel like a winner. Quixtar Quixtar Quixtar. Quixtar can do no wrong. Ken McDonald is God.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Holiday Muffin Quixtar

Did you know that muffins contain acerbic acid and can explode on impact. Quixtar muffins don't explode no more. They use licopene and smell delicious before impact. And impact doesn't even make exploid muffin.

Me mom make Quixtar muffins taste like paradise. Watch Harry Potter last night for me mate and got nubble nibbles downtown. Nuff sed. Ya ya.

She make a move to steal him from me but I got muffing magic nothing babe. You cant take that away. Oh no. You cannot never take Quixtar away.

Bring Ken McDonald back!